92% of Parents Say SpendSmart develops smarter teen spending habits

After just one month of use, 92% of parents who used the SpendSmart Prepaid MasterCard® with their teens say it "helps teens develop smarter spending habits when it counts."

Customer feedback from parents who used the card with their teens:

  • "I think money conversations strengthen my relationship with my teenager.  I think she feels that I care about her and her well-being when I try to share with her what I have learned about money management."
    – Jennifer C.


  • I like it. I can see exactly what my kids spends their money on and have a conversation every week. With cash they spend it and that's it. How many kids save receipts? Keep in mind the PARENT has to load money on the card. If your kid spends his allowance all in two days money is not automatically put on.
    – Laurie F.


  • "My son has made his first purchase and I am loving it!  I liked how it sent me a text message when he made his purchase and then there was an option for locking the card by just replying with a number.  It's super easy to use and so there hasn't been a learning curve where we had to sit down and read through a lot of material before we could start using it.  So my first impression has been great!"
    – Lisa H.


  • "It is a prepaid debit card that parents can use to help their kids learn how to use their money wisely, before they get out into the real world and have to make mistakes that could be costly."
    – Connie W.


  • "The experience positively affected my relationship with my son. It opened the door to some great conversations about money management, budgeting, and spending."
    – Becky P.
  • I really like the alerts, and that it lets me know how much she spent, where she spent it, and what her balance is.  I talked with her about keeping track of her balance so that she always knows how much money she has available.  So far, this is a very educational experience and she's finally getting what we mean when we say we have no money for things!"
    – Heidi D.


  • "When I got a text that she rented a movie I called her and asked what she rented. She was shocked I knew about it before she got out of the parking lot. I just laughed."
    – Jeannette H.


  • "The experience positively impacted my relationship, in that it was a tool to open up new conversations for us about money and the management of money."
    – Kristi H.



  • "Usually, bringing up the topic of money management and finances results in my daughter turning a deaf ear to me. With the SpendSmart Card, she is becoming open to discussing things like watching balances, wise spending, etc. YAY! :)"
    – Heidi D.


  • "Super easy way to help kids learn to budget and for me to give money in a way they can track their spending habits."
    – Michelle S.