Disclosure And Consent To Receive Documents Electronically

With your consent, The SpendSmart Payments Company, Inc (“SSPC”) will deliver the Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) Cardholder Agreement (the “Agreement”) and all other disclosures and notices (collectively referred to as “Documents”) to you by displaying or delivering them electronically, and requesting that you print or download and retain the Bank Documents for your records.

This DISCLOSURE AND CONSENT TO RECEIVE DOCUMENTS ELECTRONICALLY (“Disclosure”) contains important information that you are entitled to receive before you consent to electronic delivery of the Documents. Your consent also permits the use of electronic signatures and electronic records in connection with the Agreement. Please print or download a copy this Disclosure for your files.

After you have read this Disclosure, if you agree to receive the Documents from SSPC electronically, and if you agree to the general use of electronic records and electronic signatures with SSPC, please click the “I AGREE” button where indicated. Once your registration is complete, you will be able to update your email address by logging in to your SSPC account.

Computer Hardware/Software Requirements

In order to access your Documents electronically, you must:

  1. Be able to view the Documents on your monitor.
  2. Have access to an internet service provider and use Google Chrome 10 and above, Internet Explorer 8.0 and above, Firefox 3.6 and above or an equivalent web browser to receive required information.
  3. Be able to print (recommended) or download the Documents.

Your Consent is Required

Please be advised that if you do not consent to electronic delivery of the Bank Documents, SSPC cannot proceed with the acceptance and processing of your Agreement. Your consent does not require SSPC to provide the Documents electronically. SSPC, at its discretion, may deliver the Documents or otherwise communicate with you though other means. Furthermore, SSPC may require certain communications from you to be delivered to SSPC, on paper, at a specified address.

Withdrawal of Consent

If you consent to electronic delivery of the Bank Documents, you may withdraw that consent at any time. To withdraw consent after clicking “I AGREE”, please contact SSPC at (866) 497-6081. Please note that electronic delivery of disclosures is a requirement of your SSPC account and withdrawal of consent will cause cancellation of your account.

Paper Copies Available

At any time, you may request to receive paper copies of the Documents by contacting SSPC at (866) 497-6081. Postage fees may apply.


Please read the below paragraph and if you consent to the terms, click “I AGREE” to proceed.

I confirm that the Internet access device I will use to receive the Documents meets the requirements described above and that I have been able to view this Disclosure using that Internet access device. I have read the Disclosure and consent to receiving the Documents electronically and also consent to the use of electronic signatures in place of handwritten signatures and the use of electronic records in connection with the Documents.